3D Laser Foot Scanner

Why choose 3D Laser technology foot-scanner? 

Knowledge and proper information help in choosing the right place where you can trust your feet for a good result, where it will provide relief, healing or proper support to your body.
It is important to understand that the foot has a complex structure consisting of 28 bones (7 tarsus bones, 5 metatarsals, 14 phalanx bones and 2 sesame bones) that form 3 arches that have an inextricable relationship with each other the function of one affects the function of the other. The result is that the foot is a vaulted structure with arches, joints and an excellent geometry that allows it to support and move the whole body, while through its elasticity to dampen vibrations.

a) Medial longitudinal arch - Orange line

b) Lateral longitudinal arch-Yellow line

c) Anterior transverse arch - Red line 

The manufacture of customized orthopedic insoles for many years was based on measurements made by specialized professionals (a) with 2D foot scanners, that measured only loads that the human foot received in a static or dynamic position, or (b) with the previous generator 3D foot scanners , where the pins / centimeter of the foot were raised around and below  the foot as they measured the arches and points of increased charge of the foot at specific points (each pin only one point).However, the foot as mentioned above is a 3D vaulted structure. The 2D measurement could not fully meet the needs of a three-dimensional model, as two very important data were missing that could not be measured in the oldest ways: 

(a) Measurement of the architecture (height-depth arches) of the foot, and 

(b) Measurement of angular inclinations of the foot 

Sole-med 3D Laser foot-scanner, is innovating with the latest generation technology as designed by scientists and health experts. It is a development of all the previous foot scanners and is notified to the U.S. FDA (American Drug and Food Administration). Configures all the data necessary for the proper and successful construction of a personalized insole as it is: 

The only 3D Laser foot-scanner  that measures and gives results for: 

1) The architecture and morphology of the foot with millimeter accuracy all along the foot 

2) The angular inclination of the ankle (pronation-overpronation) 

3) The positions of maximum charge of the foot 

The Laser Ray records with excellent precision the smallest morphology detail of the foot! An important difference is that the cargo platforms measure 2D but perform 3D the result. This is a graphical dynamic rather than an actual measurement of the data we need to properly and properly construct a personalized insole. 

Is it enough for a high technology foot scanner  to properly construct a pair of personalized soles? 

Making customized orthopedic insoles is a complex process to give the expected results. At the Sole-med Biomechanical Center for Custom Insoles Manufacturing, the manufactures of insoles follows a detailed procedure that is necessary for the correct result. 

1) Foot scanning by 3D Laser Sole-med scanner 

2) Medical history evaluation 

3) Evaluation of personal data which determine the volume of the insoles (From very thin to very enhanced). 

4) Record and analyze at all above 

5) Design the personalized insole not only for each individual, but for each individual foot 

6) Manufacture of personalized insoles with top quality materials 

7) Delivery and inspection of the insoles for proper footwear application 

8) Detail instructions of use, maintenance and cleaning of the insoles 

9) Information on specific exercises according to the needs of the person 

10) Free re-checking of the insoles after one month to identify potential problems and correct them immediately) 

11) Free re-inspection and maintenance of the insoles after six months. 

The biomechanical center Sole-med  uses a variety specialized material, which are CE certified European Community requirements of medical devices. The E.V.A. as basic material for the manufacture of personalized insoles and the glue we use, they are hypoallergenic, antifungal, antibacterial and with the highest degree of biocompatibility with the human body. We cover a huge range, from very soft materials, medium density or high density (harder), non-slip, always judging at the individual level the best result for every person we trust. Special materials for high risk categories or pain, such as diabetic foot, arthritis, etc. Visiting our center  for 3D scanning is free and does not oblige construction of custom insoles, while providing with important information about your body. 

Our partners podiatrists, physiotherapists and orthopedists have successfully supported, comforted and healed people of all ages and needs with success. 

Every person is unique which with respect and high technology, we offer the ultimate solution for your body! Our priority is you!


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