Activity Tracker WearFit Η10 Plus with Tracker Sleep,Pedometer,blood preasure and heart rate monitoring .It's a Bluetooth 4.0 Intelligent Bracelet for iOS and Android.
Manufacturer: Safety AT/G
SKU: 478-05-005

Activity Tracker WearFit Η10 Plus

Activity Tracker WearFit Η10 Plus. The  Intelligent H10 Pro helps you record basic information of your daily life, such as the pulses, the oxygen in your blood, the quality of your sleep, your steps, the distance you spend, the calories you burn, reminds you to drink water and helps you adjust your daily goals.

The simplest and most modern way to keep track of your activities and health every day! With colour OLED screen to see everything easy and clean even under water.


• Blood Oxygen/Blood Pressure Monitor
• Heart Rate Monitor
• Date display (12/24-hour clock)
• Sleep monitoring(Deep sleep & light sleep)
• Power display
• Fitness tracking (step& distance&Calories)
• Fitness goal setting
• Call remind
• Sedentary remind
• Alarm clock
• Remote camera
• Anti-lost remind
• Drinking water remind
• Lift wrist bright screen
• Fitness information sharing
• Fitness data storage
• Color:black,green,blue,orange,purple
• CPU: NORDIC 51822
• Display: Colour 0.96" OLED 80 * 160
• APP Name: Wearfit2.0
• Acceleration: military 3-axis gravity sensor
• Battery: Polymer rechargeable lithium battery 80 mA
• Charging: 5V USB 3PIN charging clip
• Waterproof rating: IP67
• Use time:full charge about 5 days,standby 10-12 days
• System requirements: Android 4.4/IOS 7.1 and above/Bluetooth 4.0
• Data storage: Save 7 days of exercise data
• APP compatible languages: Greek
• Simplified&Traditional/English/Italian/French/German/Japanese/Korean/Russian/Ukrainian/Arabic Language/Spanish/ Portuguese etc.languages.
• More languages are being added
• Compatibility: support for Android and Iphone
• Operating mode: point touch screen
• Charging time 2 hours
• Mac address:Unique number
• Μac address: Unique Number
• Net weight:23g
• Package weight:122g
• Watchband Width:18mm
• Watchband Length:210mm-250mm
• Package Size:125*85*40mm
• Carton Size:425*267*455mm
• 7.100PCS per carton,13kg
• Package Accessories:
• Host *1
• strap*1
• USB 3PIN charging clip*1
• manual*1
• gift box*1