Laryngoscope Shucman2 W/Ρ 5439 D
Manufacturer: Safety AT/G
SKU: 109-05-037

Laryngoscope Shucman 2

The patented upgrade to long term fibre-optic illuminatio (Known as FOCS in North America)
• Only fibre-optic blade that fits onto a conventional handle
• Allows upgrade to fibre-optic, xenon bulb illumination (2,400 Lux)
• Patented concept
• Unique replaceable fibre-clip extends blade life indefinitely
• Large variety of blade sizes and set combinations available,
• Approved for successful sterilization using Sterrad Gas Plasma systems including ASPUS STERRAD 50,200,100S and 100 NX systems. Listed in STERRAD STERILITY GUIDE
• Unique Patented Replaceable FibreClip™
• Each FibreClip™contains Xenon bulb and fibre optic light guide and has a working life of at least 12 months
• If required FibreClip™ may be removed for cleaning, autoclaving and replacement
• FibreClip™ extends the blade’s life indefinitely
• Unique Dolphin™Waterproof Handle
• Allows immersion in cleaning solutions without removal of batteries
• With removal of batteries, Dolphin™ handles are fully autoclavable
• Long life with the highest quality

From Truphatek’s® Warranty Statement:
All Truphatek® products are unconditionally guaranteed to be of good quality and free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years from date of manufacture.
FibreClip™ fibre optic light guides are guaranteed for 12 months use from date of manufacture, as it appears embossed on the base of the light guide.
Replacement product will be provided without charge for any Truphatek® product not meeting this warranty.”