Icobaby bambu tableware Set 4069 Pink for Girls. An Eco friendly alternative to traditional plastic. Manufactured with bambu and plant based materials which are biodegradable andrenewable.
Manufacturer: Icobaby
SKU: 157-60-100

Food Set Icobaby Bambu 4069 tableware

The fun ICObaby bamboo food set is ideal to start weaning with joy. For children it is important that the items they consume are colored and attract their attention and here ICObaby, always careful in aesthetics but with a special emphasis on sustainability, has studied the dish, the glass, the cutlery and the most hospitable bumper! A very important element of the set is the glass: because a kid, even small, with little "initial help and a little" patience for the first incidents, can learn to drink immediately from a normal glass. Set of bamboo cutlery: Bowl, plate, fork, spoon and glass.

Made with materials of plant origin, biodegradable and renewable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics. It has been configured to increase its durability. Without BPA, PCP, formaldehyde, pesticides, and metals. Not used in a microwave oven, oven or freezer. The ends are wide and rounded, very safe for the baby. Size suitable for babies and easy to hold on their sides.

Usage recommendations: Not suitable for use in a microwave or oven. Excessive exposure to heat can cause damage to the product. Easy to clean by hand.

Heat resistance: -10 ° C - (60 ° C). Age: 0-3 years old.

ICOBABY is synonymous with innovation and committed to children and environmental sustainability. Always made of organic materials, more than 15 products, including goat hair brush, orris root chain teas, donkey milk soap and natural rubber soothers, guarantee the best care for the baby with minimal environmental impact. Because ICOBABY products offer not only the best care for children but they care for a better world for them.