Catheters Foley 2Way Silicone 14Ch
Manufacturer: Safety AT/G
SKU: 050-13-814

Catheters Foley 2Way Silicone 14Ch

100% Silicone Foley Catheter
Latex-Free All Silicone Urinary Catheters are flexible, non-latex, sterile foley catheters that are used to drain urine from the bladder. These catheters are made with a clear radiopaque (x-ray friendly) silicone material and they do not contain any latex proteins so they are safe to be used on patients that have latex allergies and/or sensitivities to latex.
Clear silicone Foley catheters with radiopaque tip are biocompatible, so they have a minimal chance of destroying surrounding tissue or becoming encrusted and causing irritation and infection.
The clear design of the body and funnel allows you to see potential blockage.
Other features include a balloon, which provides strength, symmetry and elasticity, and a large internal lumen for maximum drainage, less traumatization and easier expulsion of clots. Catheters are sterile and individually packaged. 100% medical grade silicone for superior biocompatibility.

- Transparent medical grade silicone tube allows easy visual inspection and fluid observation.
- X-ray opaque line allows for confirmation of intubated tube using X-ray.
- Soft and uniformly inflated balloon makes the tube sit well against the bladder.
- Smooth round shaft can minimize trauma during insertion and withdrawal.
- 6FR, 8FR and 10FR Pediatric Foley Catheter has disposable stylet for easy insertion.
- Includes an individual sterilized packed Catheter Spigot.
- Sterilized double packaging.

All Silicone Urinary Catheters, 100% Latex Free Features:
Sterile two-way catheters
For use draining urine from the bladder
Made with a clear radiopaque material
X-ray friendly
100% Latex-free
Color: Clear translucent