Gauze swab non sterile 10x20 cm 8ply 100 pieces SAFETY AT/G
Manufacturer: Safety AT/G
SKU: 418-15-005

Gauze swab non sterile 10x20 cm 8ply 100 pieces SAFETY AT/G

Gauze sponge , 13thread,10x20cm-8ply 
Class I
Sterilization Non-sterile
Destination/use the user can clean the wound and blot the blood of the cut to isolate the wound, it also can fix the bone when the bone is broken
Shape and color Plain and white
Composition All pads are folded by machine, 100% cotton ensures the product soft and adherent. Superior absorbency makes the pads perfect for absorbing blood and exudates.
Conformity European Directive 93/42/EEC
Standards All applicable harmonized standard
ISO13485:2003 EN 14079:2003 ISO 14971:2000 EN 30993
EN 540 EN 550 EN 552 EN 980:2003
EN 868-1 EN 1174 MDD (93/42/EEC)
Packing Gauze Swabs:
100pcs per paper pack
Secondary packaging: cartons.
Gauze Balls:
100pcs per PE bag
Secondary packaging: cartons.

Available Dimensions:

  • 5x5cm-8 ply
  • 10x10cm-8ply
  • 10x10cm-12ply
  • 5x5cm-8 ply with X-ray
  • 10x10cm-8ply with X-ray
  • 10x10cm-12ply with X-ray
  • 10x20cm-12ply with X-ray
  • 40x40cm-8 ply
  • 10x20cm
  • 22x22cm
  • 30x40cm
  • 8x8cm with X-ray
  • 22x22cm with X-ray
  • 30x40cm with X-ray