Hydrophilic cotton bandage 7cm x 5cm. Composition: mesh type 20 threads (12/8) 100% cotton. EVERYRAYS Italy.
Manufacturer: Everyrays
SKU: 257-15-251

Hydrophilic cotton bandage 7cm x 5cm Everyrays

Selvedge hydrophilic 100% cotton, made from natural plants into tabby cloth after spinning, weaving, bleaching and degreasing. Composed by typical cotton fibers without defects of textile. Its borders are made to prevent to fray. It’s used to fix medical treatment and gauze swabs. Single use. Risks of infections are possible if reused. In case of infections consult a doctor.

Selvedge Hydrophilic cotton bandage, single use, in pure cotton 100% of Amica type I, white color, without extraneous fibers, not sterile – mesh 30/20 – single packed in a poly bag – 24
Boxes/carton. Size 7 cm. x 5 mt.

- Transpirant and soft on the skin
- Perfect for fixation of medical treatment and gauze swabs.

Features and properties:

Identification of fibers 100% cotton

Foreign fibers Standard reached

Acidity and alkalinity No show pink

Mass per square meter 28,48 gr/m2

Minimum breaking load for N/500 M Warp way: 60N 86,45, Weft way: 35N 51,86

Sinking time 2.42 seconds

- Primary packaging:
- single packing in poly bag and box.
Secondary packagin: 24 box/carton.
valid for 5 years from date of manufacture. The expiry date refers to the product correctly stored.
Store in a cool and clean place, with a temperature not higher than ai 50°C and humidity not higher than 80%. Hygienical conditions can be guaranteed only if package is intact.