Product name: Wiselion Infrared Thermometer Product model: WBS-T007
Manufacturer: Safety AT/G
SKU: 593-14-001

Infrared Thermometer Wiselion WBS T007


  1. Convenient and fast: the measurement accuracy can reach ±0.2℃/±32.36℉, and the measurement speed is less than 2 seconds
  2. Clean andsanitary: non-contact forehead temperature measurement, measuring distance of 3-5cm, no contact with skin to prevent cross-infection.
  3. Simple and practical: one-button measurement, one-button conversion mode, one-button check memory, easy to operate.
  4. Audible and visual warnings: green, orange and red backlights indicate whether the body temperature is normal, and low or high fevers have a sound alarm.
  5. Multi sets of memory: 32 sets of measurement data can be stored for easy analysis and comparison.
  6. Correction setting: The setting parameters can be modified to suit different races of human skin, or human bodies with different characteristics.


  1. Never use the thermometer for anything other than its original design. This product is suitable for professional or home use.
  2. The thermometer is not waterproof, please do not put it into water or other liquid, cleaning and disinfection according to "Maintenance and Storage" Section.
  3. Store the thermometer away from direct sunlight, in a clean, dry place.
  4. Do not touch the probe inside the nozzle with finger.
  5. Sweat stains on the forehead, coverings such as hair, hats, or scarves may cause the measurement temperature to be low, so please use it correctly to ensure accurate measurement results.
  6. Do not drop, disassemble, repair and modify the product by yourself.
  7. Do not approach strong electrostatic field or strong magnetic field to avoid affecting the accuracy of measurement data.
  8. If any problems, please do not continue to use, please contact the seller, do not repair by yourself.
  9. If the battery and product cannot be used, please comply with local regulations.
  10. Do not open the battery door during the test to avoid touching the live part and the patient at the same time.
  11. Please use the thermometer in a stable ambient temperature. If there is a sudden change in the environment temperature of the thermometer, please pay attention to whether the probe is fogged. If yes, please follow the operation method in "Maintenance and Storage" to remove the mist before reuse to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
  12. Remove battery for storage if the device is not being used for a prolonged period of time to prevent the battery from leaking when it expires.
  13. Do not mix old and new batteries to avoid inconsistent battery discharge characteristics, which may cause harm or damage the product.

Intended use and application

This infrared thermometer is used to measure human body/object temperature by absorbing infrared energy from forehead of human or object surface.


WBS-T007 device x1   User Manual x1   QC Card x1


Overseas sales version does not equip with batteries.

Product Component

Product Structure

  1. Infrared Probe
  2. LCE Display
  3. Multi-function Button (“SET” / “+” / “-“)
  4. Start/Measure Button
  5. Battery Door
  6. Object/Body Temperature
  7. Measurement Data
  8. Sound
  9. Battery voltage
  10. Memories
  11. Units


Operating Environment: 16.0℃~35.0℃/60.8℉~95℉, Humidity:≤85%

Size: 149.5*94.2*42.2mm

Power Supply: 3.0VDC 2*AAA batteries

Weight: 115g (Without batteries)

Measuring Range: Object Temp 0℃~75℃/ 32℉~167℉,

Body Temp 32.0℃~42.9℃/ 89.6℉~109.22℉

Measuring Accuracy: 35.0℃~42.0℃:±0.2℃/ 95℉~107.6℉:±32.36℃

Out of 35.0℃~42.0℃:±0.3℃/ 95℉~107.6℉:±32.54℃

Measuring Distance:3-5cm

Measuring Time:<2s

Tri-color backlight: Object Temp: Green

Body Temp: 32.0~37.3℃/ 89.6℉~99.14℉ (Set value):Green

37.4~38.0℃/99.32℉~100.4℉: Orange

38.1(Set value) ~42.9℃/100.58℉~109.2℉: Red

Auto Power off: ≤18s

Storage and transportation: -20.0℃~55.0℃/-4℉~131℉, Humidity:≤93%

If necessary, the company can provide technical information such as circuit diagrams, component lists, etc. for technicians to repair and use.


Battery Installation

Open the battery door, put 2 AAA batteries into the battery house. Please check the positive and negative signs on the inside of the battery cover carefully during installation.

Ready to measure

The correct use method is the key to test accurately, otherwise it may cause measurement errors. To avoid incorrect measurement, please follow the tips below:

  1. When measuring body temperature, point the thermometer at the center of the forehead and keep it vertical. The distance is 3 to 5 cm. Press the START/MEASURE button; the result will display immediately.
  2. Before measuring, make sure that there is no hair, sweat, makeup or hats on forehead.
  3. Stay in the test environment for more than 5 minutes, and wait until the environment temperature is consistent.
    1. A cold compress on the forehead of a fever patient and other cooling measures will cause the measurement data to be low, and measurement should be avoided in this case.
    2. The environment temperature around the measured target should be stable, and it cannot be tested in places with large air flow such as fans and air outlets of air conditioners.
    3. When the thermometer is taken out from a place with a large difference from the temperature of the operating environment, the thermometer should be left in the new operating environment for 30 minutes before measuring.
    4. Do not use the thermometer under the strong sunlight.
    5. It is recommended to measure about three times at a time, whichever is the most displayed data set.
    6. If forehead temperature is low for some reason, you can try to measure behind the ear.
    7. For measuring the forehead temperature of the human body, please select the "Body temperature" mode; for measuring the temperature of other objects such as liquids and food, please select the "Object temperature" mode.
    8. Aim at the measured target and press the START/MEASURE button, the LCD screen will display all numbers and characters. When the power is turned on, the thermometer will self-check. This screen is displayed for about 2 seconds.
    9. After the full display, a “Beep” sound will be heard, indicating that the power-on measurement has been completed, the temperature value of the current target is displayed on the LCD screen, and the backlight will display the green, orange, and red colors according to the corresponding settings.

    Start to measure


    When the temperature exceeds the set value, the backlight of the LCD screen is orange; when it exceeds the set value of the high fever temperature, the backlight is red and accompanied by an alarm sound. This is to warn the patient that a fever may occur.

    To ensure the accuracy of the measurement, please wait at least 30 seconds after 5 consecutive measurements.

    Memories Check

    Press the START/MEASURE button, and then press the function button "+" and "-" on the side of the product to switch to view the measured values.

    1. The thermometer can store up to 32 sets of recent measured values.
    2. The memory serial number gradually increases with the number of measurements. After reaching the 32 sets, it returns to the 1 set and is stored cyclically.
    3. When in the query status, the LCD screen will display the “” icon.

      Setting Modification

      This product can modify the default setting parameters to adapt to people with different skin colors or human bodies with different characteristics, as well as people at different environment temperatures. The default settings have been made before leaving the factory. If it is not necessary, it is recommended not to modify the factory defaults. If there is a need to modify, please modify it as follows.

      1. Temperature unit setting -F1 (Default is Celsius)

      In the power-on status, press and hold the "SET" button to enter F1, and press the function button "+" or "-" to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

      1. High fever warning setting-F2 (Default is 38.1℃/100.58℉)

      In the F1 status, press the "SET" button to enter F2, press the function button "+" to add 0.1℃/32.18℉, press the function button "-" to decrease 0.1℃/32.18℉, and long press to quickly increase or decrease the temperature value of the high fever warning.

      1. Temperature offset setting-F3 (Default is 0.0℃/32℉)

      In the F2 status, press the "SET" button to enter F3, press the function button "+" to add 0.1℃/32.18℉, press the function button "-" to decrease 0.1℃/32.18℉, and long press to quickly increase or decrease. The adjustment range of F3 parameters is: -5℃~ 5℃/23℉~ 41℉.

      1. Sound switch setting -F4 (Default is On)

      In the F3 status, press the "SET" button to enter F4, and press the function button "+" or "-" to turn ON or OFF.

      1. Exit the setting mode

      In the F4 status, press the "SET" button to exit the setting mode automatically.

      Change Batteries

      The thermometer uses 2 AAA batteries. When the thermometer indicates that the battery is low, please refer to the "Battery Installation" section of the manual to replace the battery.


      1. When opening the battery door to replace the battery, pay special attention to the polarity of the battery. Misplacement may cause damage to the product.
      2. When not in use for a long time, please remove the battery to prevent damage to the thermometer due to battery leakage.
      3. Do not use when the battery is leaking or moldy.
      4. Do not place the battery near a fire source or throw it into a fire to prevent the battery from exploding.
      5. Do not store the battery in a high temperature and high humidity environment.
      6. To avoid a short circuit, do not put the battery together with metal objects such as coins or keys in the same pocket or other container that may short the battery.
      7. The part of the infrared probe is the most precise part of the product. Do not touch or press with your fingers or other objects, you must be careful to protect it, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the measurement value.
      8. Cleaning and disinfection methods:
      9. Surface cleaning: Please wipe the outer shell of the thermometer with a soft cotton cloth or cotton swab moistened with 70% -80% alcohol, and do not let liquid enter the inside of the thermometer.
      10. Clean the inner cavity of the sensor probe: Please wipe the inner cavity of the probe or the top of the sensor with a soft cotton cloth or cotton swab moistened with 70% -80% alcohol, and use it after the alcohol has completely evaporated.
      11. Never use aggressive cleaners, thinners or benzine to clean it, and never immerse the product in water or other liquids.
      12. Carefully protect the surface of the LCD screen.
      13. Keep the thermometer in a dry place to avoid dust, pollution and direct sunlight.
      14. It is recommended to maintain at least once every six months.

      Knowledge of body temperature

      The temperature of human body belongs in a range and the range may vary among people. Temperature if individuals may also vary from time to time. The following table 1 indicates the temperature range of the majority people for your reference.

      Human body temperature varies with time within a day, and is also affected by other external conditions, such as age, gender, skin color, skin thickness, etc. Refer to table 2 below for changes in body temperature with age.


      Normal Temp Range Reference









      Table 1


      Normal Temp Range Reference

      0-2 years


      3- 10 years


      11-65 years


      >65 years


      Table 2

      Women's body temperature is different from men's, generally about 0.3℃/32.54℉ higher than men's, body temperature during ovulation will rise by 0.3℃~ 0.5℃/32.54℉~ 32.9℉ than usual, so use this to know whether women are in ovulation period, which is conducive to fertility or contraception.

      The usual method is to use a thermometer to measure the basal body temperature of a female individual every day, and then draw a graph of the basal body temperature change. The ovulation period can be clearly seen from the figure.