Mercury free ecological body thermometer with a unique special case for easy and safe zero of the indication Romed
Manufacturer: Romed
SKU: 010-14-006

Romed clinical thermometer, mercury free in plastic case (Ref: THERM-288MF)


Type : Mercury free thermometer with shaking down system.
Measurement range : 35°C – 42.0°C
Accuracy : +0.10°C, -0.10°C
Least graduation value : 0.1°C
Interval of graduation : 0.10 mm
Scale : Celsius
Liquid : mixture of Gallium, Indium and Tin
Liquid content : Gallium 60% (0.48 g). Indium 23.5% (0.188 g). Tin 16.5% (0.132 g)
Difficulty of clearing : after shaking the thermometer, the mark of liquid should be below 35.5°C
Size : length 120 ± 5 mm, width 8. mm

Dispose thermometer as chemical waste according to the guidelines of the (local) government.
Keep away from children.
Because the liquid in the mercury free thermometer has less gravity compared to mercury thermometers, it needs a different approach to shake down the liquid.

How to shake down the liquid in the thermometer:

Put the thermometer into the shaking tool and screw the green cover tightly. Forward your arm, let the palm of the hand be perpendicular to the body. Hold the green end of the shaking tool with thumb and forefinger tightly. Let the shaking tool be perpendicular to the palm of the hand, this means the thermometer and body should be parallel to each other. Swing the shaking tool with high frequency, during this action, don’t shake the arm but only the palm. Don’t shake the tool to hard but with high frequency until the liquid reaches the 35°C level.
Temperature storage: 20 to 30°C, if stored below or above this temperature range, have it acclimatised 1-2 hours before use at : 20 to 30°C.

Packing: each thermometer will be packed in a box, together with shaking tool, 12 pieces in an inner box and 24 inner boxes in an export carton (= 288 pieces).

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