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Nebulizer NB-219C

Nebulizer NB-219C
SKU: 024-09-021

Nebulizer NB-219C

- Extreme Pressure: ≥ 2.1 bar
- Free Flow: ≥7 L/min
- Nebulizing Rate: ≥0.2 ml/min
- MMAD: <5 μm - FPF: ≥ 60%
- Noise Level: approx. 52 dB
- Max capacity of nebulizer kit: 10 mL
- Operating mode: 20 mins on, 40 mins off
- Pump life: 2000 hours
- Device Net Weight: 1.4 Kg
- Device Size (mm): 280*180*88

One button operation for easy use
Concise and streamline design
Highly effective delivery of medicine
Portable for home and clinical use
Large accessory compartment
Powerful piston pump
Nebulizers is a medical device designed to deliver drugs through inhalation to treat the common upper and lower respiratory tract such as asthma, bronchopulmonary and other obstructive respiratory disorders. It uses compressed air which turns liquid particles into a gas form allowing effective inhalation.

The NB-219C Compressor Nebulizer is compact and portable for easy usage both in home or clinical environment,  comes with a handset to make it easier to carry anywhere. It has a docking station which holds the nebulizer cup to pour in the medication with ease. A large compartment to store accessories. Low noise operation suitable for children at night to sleep without disruption.